Moving Image and Fashion Communication.

The relationship between fashion and moving image is long established and extensively documented, especially with regard to cinema. Looking beyond - at more commercial aspects of moving image, this project looks specifically at the sub genres of fashion film, exploring the evolution, democracy and the importance of creative direction, and the role it plays in promoting a brand or designer in the digital age.

I teamed up with two other students and chose to create four brand films for the street style and youth cultured Swedish fashion brand, Weekday. 

To complete this project, we individually researched the brand inside and out, from their values, visual identity, ethos, tone of voice, and the products they sell to their demographic to produce the best concept. We had to consider the music/ audio used, tone, mood/emotion, art direction, storyline, graphics, models and animation to keep in the style of the brand image to represent Weekday which was approachable to their young and quirky target customers.


For the commercial film which is 30 seconds long, we wanted to focus on the brands t-shirt printing project, Zeitgeist. This weekly printing project see's the brand reflecting on current events in popular culture and society in a limited run of collections available to the public online and in store. We focused on this aspect of the brand to promote to the public, as this is not a very well known feature.

As the brand promotes different social issues and news throughout screen printed t-shirts, we chose to use three different models to show an array of different customers supporting and raising awareness of their own belief's and issues through fashion.


We created a blip-vert which was a 10 second video that includes the most vital information and message from a cut down version of the commercial video. This was created to act as a teaser and promotion which would be uploaded before the commercial onto their social platforms. As this video is short and fast paced, we made sure each model was shown in their own unique way showcasing the main featured slogan t-shirts.

Throughout all the video's we have kept the video snippets, animation and music in time with each motion and beat to give a more appealing and clean approach to the viewer. 

Brand Film

As a team, we wanted to steer away from the typical direction of brand films and chose to create a more dynamic and appealing video to the modern day, social and tech savy young adults. We did not want to focus on the products and clothing that Weekday sell, but actually what they stand for through their values and beliefs. 

Instead of the expected use of videography via models and location, we opted into experimenting within digital screen recording and animation via After Effects and Premier Pro. 

As a team we selected key words to reflect on and promote the brand by choosing images and shapes from their social platform Instagram to best resemble their own brand image.

Behind The Scenes

For the behind the scenes video, we made sure this was in theme with the other brand films we had created. We achieved this by using the same audio from the commercial video yet just the instrumental so you could hear us working as a team and directing models to give the rawness and real approach to the viewers. This video was created in a light hearted tone to show that although this was a project we took on, it was also enjoyable at the same time. 

The idea behind this video would be so that Weekday itself would upload it onto a youtube channel or social media accounts after all videos had been presented to show the work that had gone into producing them.

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