Within a module at University, we were all asked to develop an innovation (or business idea), and a complimentary marketing plan, that details a clear strategic vision in taking our idea into the market which will help Topshop and Topman Cardiff increase the footfall and sales into their store. 

I invented the programme, 'Ladvent' which is a Christmas advent calendar for the 'lads', and 'lady' customers of the high street fashion brand Topshop and Topman. The scheme would be cost effective, due to being ran over on their social media platforms, which helps build their customer relationship with regular and new shoppers, then enticing them into the store. 

The team at Cardiff Topshop enjoyed my idea and took me on board to bring this idea to life. I worked closely with the manager and team in the Cardiff store, arranging meetings to set up what they like/ dislike, how it would work and bringing every members ideas and inputs together to create a live campaign on to their Instagram account. 

I was given control of the Instagram account, allowing me to upload teasers, countdowns, posts and stories.

In order to bring the campaign to life, many meetings with HR of the Cardiff store was organised to set up what prizes could be available to win, what days these would be posted, how the campaign will look and who will pick the winners. The campaign was a very quick turn around once we had meetings, to actually uploading, meaning content had to be created and uploaded within a matter of days since the first ever agreement. This put immense working pressure and meeting to industry deadlines, but with my passion and drive I made sure there was content to be uploaded.  

As I was working alone to create this campaign, I searched for several students to help make the job a little easier. I managed to connect with a graphic, animation and photography student to help create the posts and stories. As I did not have access and agreement from head offices to take products out of the store yet, this delayed the process of having live photoshoots to create my vision and high quality content. This meant I had to figure out a way to start to campaign with no actual imagery, I turned to an animation student to help create the start of the prizes.

Once a date was allocated that the products were available for me to take out the store, I casted a small selection of models who fit the Topshop/ Topman brand image to turn up to a studio where the Cardiff store's makeup artist would create look's to match the outfit's chosen, alongside the photographer and I. 

The campaign ran better than expected with the short turn around of time to bring this to life, and there is certainly more room for improvement if more time was available or if I was to do this again. As this was a success with increasing footfall and sales into the Cardiff store, there is a possibility of running this campaign again.. with a lot more hard work and bigger team going into this. 

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