Fashion and Brand Promotion.

This is a brand development project that allowed me to consider how brand concepts are born. Branding is not simply a process of selling products and services; it also consists of promoting values to like-minded groups of people; creating a story that embraces, touches and inspires. 

To start off what kind of brand I wanted to identify, create and visually display through a brand ethos, identity, customer and market, I chose a genre which I am particularly interested in and fond of which is the streetwear culture. As streetwear culture is renown for the skateboarder scene, I focused in on this aspect. 

With many skateboard brands being turned into fashion statements and not worn for its purpose, I wanted to reign this back in and create a brand for the people who have a real passion for skateboarding. I started by creating the name, "Ride or Die", which fits the target market of youth inspired culture that has a memorable and bold statement to the brand.

To create the logo I took aspects and shapes from a skateboard to keep the running theme of skateboarding throughout the brands image. I wanted the clothing to be quite simple yet statement pieces which include the logo and angel wings on the back of the t-shirt. With the main logo featuring a wheel of the skateboard to represent 'ride' of the name, and angel wings on the back to stand for the 'die'. With each shirt including different designs of wheels and wings to keep a simple yet strong approaching and memorable brand image.

I shot the imagery in quite a calming location on a small beach in Wales with a male model sporting trainers, a cap and his skateboard to show how the t-shirt design fits in with the culture with of typical male skateboarders.

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