I was approached by Infini London, a unique luxury flower boutique which sells real roses that maintain their beauty and colour for at least a year, to take photographs of their new summer pastels collection which would then be uploaded onto their website and Instagram account.

The passionate boutique company needed to promote their latest launch of flowers, which meant for high quality imagery to grasp the customers attention of all the beautiful colours and freshness of the floral products. 


I researched into similar brands to keep up to date with the brands competition and gain ideas of creative direction for the imagery. 

Once the team at Infini London and I had agreed a day for the photoshoot to take place, I set up the products in a location which I had organised at a high class, modern yet sophisticated house in London. I chose this location instead of a studio so it best resembles and communicates with the loyal and new customers. Once I had set up lighting in the selected areas in the location, I experimented with different layouts of the products to give a dynamic presentation in the imagery.

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