Depop Space London.


As a keen customer and seller with Depop, I wanted to create a project that brought together all the community and celebrate the company. 

Initially I planned to create a monthly physical trading market to bring the commerce app to real life, when researching more into the company I discovered Depop have two physical spaces located in Los Angeles and New York City. These spaces act as a physical manifestation of the brand, and a chance to showcase what is available on the application for the depop community and creatives alike which all ows everyone to connect, hang out, host pop-ups and exhibitions or booking appointment slots in the on site photo studio. Alongside the community filled space it will also host free workshops on, "learning how to style fashion and lifestyle photoshoots, source vintage, build a brand and other skills to help them grow into creative entrepreneurs."

As London is the second biggest customer market to the millennial and Gen Z, I wanted to bring the London Space to life by creating a digital social media campaign. 

In order to do so, I still wanted to keep to Depop's brand identity to attract the youth market. Depop use a very bold, brash and vibrant colour palette  which typically include clashing of colour so this is something that will be seen throughout the campaign. With depop having a striking and recognisable logo, using the font GT America that is bold but not too serious which shows the playful spirit of the brand, alongside their red and black colours. 

Throughout the creative posts created, I kept the tone of voice confident with the use of attitude and playfulness to keep the cheek of the brand and attract the community. 

I collaborated alongside Charlotte Coulthard a stylist and photographer who works closely within a depop selling company, 'essiistore'. All photographs posted on the Instagram are taken and styled by Charlotte which are also featured on the essii store profile.

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