reach outed out to BrandLab fashion a wholesale fashion company which has a large array of services that can be offered to brands, wholesalers and clients and arranged for an Internship to start several days after my graduation from university. This was a great start of heading into the real world and catching an insight into working life in the fashion industry at BrandLab in Cardiff. 

During my time here, I learnt two new software's which are used within the industry: Mailchimp to design and curate emails to subscribers and CRM where I would research from brand's and their contact details for the sale's team to then connect with for future collaborations. My daily routine consisted of producing work for the creative content team which included: research plans, editing& creating social media posts for all platforms, competitor analysis, digital styling and design, curating lookbooks, graphics and gifs for clients, mockup's for web design and email's for subscribers,  CRM and producing a process (AIDA) for the team to follow. I thoroughly enjoyed my internship for BrandLab as it was a great insight into the working life within the fashion industry.

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